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Brief Summary

The Summer of Tomorrow is an experimental hotbed that you can join.  There will be experiments for budding entrepreneurs, for large and small businesses, for activists, for unemployed workers, for parents, for teachers, for politicians, and much more.

Do you have a goal that's important to you? That's your first step: Deciding what's important to you.

Then sign up for our experiments.  Several experiments are in progress, but you are welcome to add your own.  Contact us for information about how to start your own no-cost experiment for the Summer of Tomorrow.

If you have a goal but aren't sure how best to accomplish it, this is your opportunity.  Try out your idea, and let's make it happen!

Major areas of exploration are City of Tomorrow, Innovations of Tomorrow, Entertainment of Tomorrow, Commerce of Tomorrow, and the Society of Tomorrow.

For more information, sign up for our general mailing list on our home page, or contact us.